Saturday, February 14, 2009

Revlon Beyond Natural

Having read about this in a couple of blogs, I had to try it!
The offical line on the website says:
Weightless foundation that goes on white and self-adjusts to match your exact skin tone. In 5 shades with a flawless finish. SPF 15.
I could only see 3 shades, but the rest, I'm happy to say is true! This is my new favourite product, and as a pale-face, it takes a lot for a foundation to impress me.
I don't usually like liquid foundations, preferring mousse or powders, and the fact that I put this one and it was white, freaked me out a little (I know it adapts, but still, it's white!). However, as you rub it in, it does adapt to your skin tone, perfectly. The coverage is more, tinted moisturiser than full foundation, so it's very sheer, light and dewy. I bought it in Light, however, I did try on the medium (just to see how adaptable it was, I am in no means in the same hemisphere as 'medium') and it looked very orangey to me. I've heard this from a couple of people about the darker shades so definitely try before buying. So far it hasn't clogged up/dried out my very dry skin, which I'm loving! AND it has SPF 15.
The packaging is pretty bland as you can see, but functional. The price is pretty reasonable and Boots have €3 or so off it at the moment!
Anyone else tried it?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Beauty Blog?!

Having not yet got around to actually writing anything, I thought I'd better start something! I originally signed up mainly to follow a couple of other blogs, but I always had the intention to start my own! My problem now is what to write about....
About six months ago I discovered the beauty community on YouTube, and ever since then I have become obsessed with make-up. Constantly watching videos, makes you want to be involved too. However, there's no chance I'm stepping in front of the camera any time soon.
Enter, the Beauty Blog!
So, I've decided to blabber about all things beauty here! Confessions of a Beauty Junkie anyone? :D