Sunday, March 1, 2009

False Eyelashes!

False Lashes, amazing, difficult, and so much fun.

I have to admit, I have short, blond, practically non existant eyelashes, so the search for the miracle mascara is ongoing, however, in the meantime, I'll stick to false eyelashes (not everyday, obviously, that's waaay more effort than I'm willing to put in!)

So, after watching numerous tutorials on youtube, a couple of months ago, I decided to try them. Silly me, thought strip lashes would be easier. I was wrong. If you have someone else to put them on for you, who you trust not to get glue in your eyes, then fire away, it's much quicker and easier than individuals. You get get some pretty funky coloured ones too, adorned with feathers and jewels and shapes, and anything else you can wish for. I mean, take a look here, and see the range you can get, and that's just Make Up Forever's selection!

I love strips, but I haven't got steady hands, making these waaay too fiddly for em to put on, on my own. I'm sure I'll master it someday!

I only discovered individuals recently, deciding they couldn't be much harder than strips anyway. They are amazing! There's not much lining up and fiddiliness at all. It's really just glue and stick them where you want them. Now, I haven't tried one individual eyelashes, because they'd just take forever, so I prefer the clustered individuals. The ones I use usually are by Ylure.
They're so simplet o use, much quicker and easier than strips, and you only have to add them where you want to, allowing for full on drama, or just a slightly flicky look!The only problem is that they're much more difficult to remove than strips, because you might rip out your own eyelashes trying to get them off. A removing liquid stuff is included, but they're still difficult get off :(

I'm off to get practicing on my application of strips, because those feathered MUFE ones are amazing!
Anyone have any tips for applying?

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