Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh wow! Excitement!

Although I'll probably blog about it another time, one of my alltime favourite products ever is Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes palette! I'll definitely do a full post on it's absolute amazingness later - for the moment just believe me, it is an absolute lifesaver, and a make up bag staple of mine!

So! Imagine my excitement when I found out about benefit's new palette! It's called Smokin' Eyes and is on the same line of thought as the Big Beautiful Eyes palette I mentioned above, only for, you guessed it, Smoky Eyes! Now, I don't know about you, but I for one am partial to brown 'smoky' eyes because oftentimes the blacks/greys go very, hidiously wrong for me. However I have complete faith in benefit, and this palette looks like it won't disappoint me!

It contains:
9gm Eye Bright
Pink highlight shadow
Pewter base shadow
Deep charcoal shadow
Smokin' liner
Brow zings wax (shade: light)
Fluff shadow/hard angle brush
You also get a "beauty lesson" leaflet telling you exactly how to apply these products to get the look you're after.

So, not only is it a smoky eyes kit, but there's a little brow kit worked into the mix. What more could you want in a single palette?
It's $36 on the Benefit website, but I haven't seen it in shops yet! I'll definitely be picking myself up one of these asap! :D

Anyone tried it yet?

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