Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5 Of My Favourite Products

So, in no particular order, some of my favourite products include:

1. Barry M Dazzle Dusts

I'm building up the entire collection of these little pots of amazingness. Highly pigmented, it's often said they're almost on a par with MAC pigments, good colour range, reasonably priced, and those pots are packed full of eyeshadow - it'll take a long time to empty that jar. The only downside is they're messy if you spill them (which, being clumsy, I do...). Love them.

2. L'Oreal Super Liner

Liquid liner & I just don't get on. Like I said, I'm clumsy, I'm messy, and liquid liner doesn't agree with this. That was until I found this little wonderworker. It has a sponge tip applicator, and just glides on with very little effort from me - which I love. It dries quickly, doesn't smudge and it stays on until you want it off. Can't reccommend it more, especially for people, like me, who are a little afraid of/make messes of normal liquid liners!

3. Benefit Dandelion Blush

I love many Benefit blushes (10, Coralista, for example!) but Dandelion is definitely my favourite. It probably won't do much for those of you with any kind of non-pale face, but on pale skin, it is perfect (well, mine anyway!). It goes on well and gives me a slight colour without looking overly fake. I would use it as a daytime blush normally, and perhaps use a deeper colour at night. Still my favourite ever, ever, ever.

4. Revlon Eye Make-up Corrector Pen
Like I said, I'm messy. I make mistakes, all the time. I used to hate when you'd have everything done perfectly and all it would take would be an untimely blink or an unexpected sneeze or even someone coming into the room suddenly, and bam, your mascara/eyeliner has just gone everywhere, and thus you must start again. This pen allows you to correct the mistake in a spot, and continue as you were. The only problem I have with it is that if you don't wipe of the lsight residue, new make up just will not go on top of it. Other than that - total lifesaver product.

5. Carmex Cherry Lipbalm

If you have ever smelled Cherry Carmex, you will understand perfectly why it should appear in this very list. Sure it makes your lips soft, and smooth and lovely, but really, I love this mainly for the smell. It smells exactly like cherries. It works well, it's easy to use, it smells nice and it's easy to carry - what more could you want?

And so concludes my list of my favourite products right now! :)
What are your favourite products?


Olaola said...

Hello! Cheers for dropping by and commenting on my blog! Luvly to get a confirmation that someone is actually reading this ;)

I've been wanting to try Dandelion for absolute aaaages now and your post is only making me feel like I'm really missing out by not having it in my makeup bag yet! xx

SarcasticFairy said...

Ooh I love Dandelion (...well obviously). No seriously, I've tried so many blushers thus far, and this is my favourite for a natural slight flushed sort of look.

You have to get it! It's lovely!

becca. said...

i wish i could afford more of it though :)
great blog!

SarcasticFairy said...

Love Benefit <3

Thanks! Follow me to read more then :)

happy1234 said...

Thanks for comment - if I come across the sleek palette your after i can get you one. I havent tried the glitter liners but will have a look thanks.