Saturday, April 25, 2009

Girls Aloud do EYELASHES!

When I first heard about the Girl's Aloud Eyelashes here on, I was quite excited. Perhaps just another endorsement deal for them, but it really didn't stop me wanting them to be in shops already!

In this post I told you about my love for lashes, and nothing's changed yet!

Looking at the eyelashes, I expected more from Cheryl, given the amount of cool eyelashes she used during her stint on The X Factor. I also thought one of them, at least, would have gone for something a little bit different to just black eyelashes. A splash of colour, or a bit of sparkliness/feathers/some kind of adornement, a bit of anything crazy would have brought this collection way up in my estimation. But no, just slightly different shaped black ones. I'm a little disappointed by that.

Will this stop me buying some, eh no! I think I shall opt for Nicola's ones, as they are the most dramatic of the five. I like Kimberley's aswell.

The girls told Grazia that the idea came from their dressing room habits of cutting up and gluing bits of their favourite lashes... This is what they had to say about their own sets:

Cheryl Cole
"I love the dark glossy look of my lashes. They are a must for a night out, cool and ultra glamorous."

Nicola Roberts
"I designed my lashes to be really full but still demure. I wanted a natural beauty effect with the length and thickness we need."

Kimberly Walsh
"My lashes give great length and texture. I love the boost they give to my eyes."

Nadine Coyle
"My lashes are full and layered with a really natural feel. I could wear this fun, flirty style every day."

Sarah Harding
"I love my lashes and wear them all the time. I chose a full, spiky style that elongates my eyes."

At the moment, they are only availible in Superdrug in Ireland, and will soon be availible on

Now to locate the nearest Superdrug... :)

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