Saturday, April 25, 2009

Products Right Now!

Tagged by OhMakeMeUp, here's a list of what I'm using at the moment:

Shampoo: Aussie (for Long hair...)
Conditioner: Aussie (for long hair as well)
Styling Products: None
Shower Gel: Green Molton Brown stuff (can't remember the exactly which one)
Body Moisturizer: The Body Shop Coconut body butter
Deodorant: Nivea Pearl or something
Fake Tan: None.
Cleanser: I swap and change. I think I'm just using Nivea Young right now!
Eye makeup remover: Simple face wipes pretty much take off all my makeup
Exfolatior: L'Oreal Exfotonic
Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer with SPF.
Foundation: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Light Porcelain.
Foundation Brush: MAC 168
Concealer: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse (02 Natural)
Powder: None at the moment
Blusher: Benefit Dandelion
Bronzer: None
Highlighter: Benefit’s High Beam
Eyeshadow base: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eyeshadows: I love Barry M Dazzle Dusts
Eyeliner: Revlon Super Liner
Eyelash curler: H&M
Eyelash base: None
Mascara: I have millions, so just whatever is at hand.
Lipstick: None
Lipgloss: Just using Carmex strawberry lipbalm at the mo really.
Nail Colour: None

So there you go!
I tag my followers ;)

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